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Bugs fixed in the Patch Set

As you may already know, the terminal 10gR2 patch set ( has been released recently on the Linux x86 & x86-64. Today I’ve installed 32-bit version on a test machine and was going to have a look on the Doc ID 1088172.1 for list of bugs fixed in this patch set, but there were almost nothing about “list of bugs”. However in reality this document does contain the list – it’s just commented in HTML 🙂 So, I saved it, edited + replaced ugly javascript “links” to the bugs with direct links using couple of regular expressions and here it is – now I have the list of bugs fixed in the patch set. Probably it’s not final, but it’s no doubt better than nothing.

Update May 19: is available for Solaris x86-64 and Solaris SPARC.
Update #2 Aug 9: is re-released for Linux x86 and is now called See Doc ID 1156958.1 for details.

MOS HTML updates

Right after Metalink was replaced by My Oracle Support, I’ve configured a subscription to receive daily updates on new/updated content. I’ve used the same service in Metalink and liked it; it’s good to stay tuned on the latest “surprises” from Oracle. But for some reasons MOS HTML didn’t send me update emails. I tried to configure the same in flash MOS – no luck either. Well, all of a sudden, couple of weeks ago I start receiving MOS HTML updates regularly. So, that’s great, huh? Not exactly: links in message body are broken and when you click one, server reports HTTP 404. Links in an email are like this:


but should be like this:


– note the extra slash between km and DocumentDisplay. Luckily there’s a Firefox plug-in called Redirector which helps in this situation.
It can also redirect you from, for example, flash to HTML MOS – just add the URL mapping and forget about flash version.