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The column is there for a long time – even 9i documentation have it. I’ve never thought about it until today when I caought something extraordinary on instance.

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Here is a recent thread from OTN forums. The question raised is WTF? whether a hint in the examples section of DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE documentation have to be used or not and why it is there. What do you think about it? Have a look in the documentation and mark your choice in a poll:

PS. In my view it’s a bug. I left a comment in the documentation about it, but didn’t receive any reply yet.

NL join (ordered)

Some time ago there was a thread on the SQL.ru forum where user has asked the never-ending question “why CBO is doing this?”. The problem was a simple count(*) of parent-child tables join with no FK constraint was executed in very strange way: via NESTED LOOPS using child as a driving table.

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ORA-1410 on UPDATE

Interesting topic appeared on Oracle forum @SQL.ru. In short, an issue is a PL/SQL code, which produces “ORA-01410: invalid ROWID” exception when it shouldn’t. 

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