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OIC(A) again – 2

Continuing from the previous post, here is one more case when adjusting optimizer_index_cost_adj may hurt you.

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Bugs fixed in the Patch Set

As you may already know, the terminal 10gR2 patch set ( has been released recently on the Linux x86 & x86-64. Today I’ve installed 32-bit version on a test machine and was going to have a look on the Doc ID 1088172.1 for list of bugs fixed in this patch set, but there were almost nothing about “list of bugs”. However in reality this document does contain the list – it’s just commented in HTML 🙂 So, I saved it, edited + replaced ugly javascript “links” to the bugs with direct links using couple of regular expressions and here it is – now I have the list of bugs fixed in the patch set. Probably it’s not final, but it’s no doubt better than nothing.

Update May 19: is available for Solaris x86-64 and Solaris SPARC.
Update #2 Aug 9: is re-released for Linux x86 and is now called See Doc ID 1156958.1 for details.

ORA-01719 is partially relaxed

You most likely have seen this error before:

ORA-01719: outer join operator (+) not allowed in operand of OR or IN
Cause: An outer join appears in an or clause.
Action: If A and B are predicates, to get the effect of (A(+) or B), try (select where (A(+) and not B)) union all (select where (B)).

In 11gR2 it is no longer raised for predicates like column(+) IN (constant1, constant2, …).

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Cardinality of table collection expression

Table collection expression has been in Oracle for more than 10 years. It is handy for passing an array to Oracle. Quite often, though, there is was a well-known problem with a default cardinality associated with table collection expressions used in the SQL.

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Control file sequential read

There was a thread recently on the OTN forum (it’s currently down, that’s why I’m writing in the blog; here is a stale version of the page from Google cache; at the time of writing this version had 1 comment) about reasons for control file sequential read accounted to particular query.

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