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EXPLAIN PLAN shared memory

Recently I did an investigation of an ORA-04031 which happens almost regularly on a Oracle database server with 9G of memory allocated to shared pool and disabled Automatic Shared Memory Management (sga_target=0). The problem query is a report that is a very big SQL query – more than 200K of plain text. The exact error message is “ORA-04031: unable to allocate 235704 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”select * from (…”,”Typecheck”,”qry_text : qcpisqt”)”. Here I’ll briefly describe what I did to identify root cause of the error and will talk about one interesting detail of the EXPLAIN PLAN as it was used to reproduce the issue.

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Automatic shared memory resize with disabled ASMM/AMM

Thanks to Nigel Antell – he has posted a comment on one of Tanel Poder’s blog notes with a link to MOS Doc ID 1269139.1. In this note a parameter called _MEMORY_IMM_MODE_WITHOUT_AUTOSGA is described. It allows Oracle 11gR2 to adjust sizes of shared memory structures even if Automatic (Shared) Memory Management have been explicitly disabled; with the main purpose of avoiding ORA-04031 error. This is nice.
PS. I wonder if it was done by Oracle development specifically due to many customers don’t like ASMM (for ex. because of negative impact on application) but encounter ORA-04031 from time to time, which results in many opened SRs. Who knows.