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Starting with Oracle 11gR1 Oracle JVM includes Just-in-Time compiler. Its goal is to convert JVM bytecode into platform-specific native code based on the performance data gathered in run-time. It is stated in the documentation that JIT “enables much faster execution” – and this is, in general, true. There are ways to control the behavior of JIT, one way is described in the MOS Doc ID 1309858.1, and another one here.

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This is a quick note on the importance of ORDER BY for the order of the result set produced by a SELECT. The mantra is very simple:

Without an order_by_clause, no guarantee exists that the same query executed more than once will retrieve rows in the same order.

Repeat it as necessary many times everywhere, because it’s true (Update: but see the first comment from Sokrates for an exception to the rule). I want to say it again because yesterday I’ve seen it in action. A query that has been working correctly for several years without an issue has started to randomly return rows without an expected order. The query looks like this:

select ...
  from (select ...
          from t
          where ...
         order by col1
       ) t1
     , t2
 where t1.id = t2.id;

i.e. it joins an inline view with another table on the primary key column. It worked well before 11g due to the fact that t2 was always joined using nested loops. However, after an upgrade the CBO has decided to use nested loops join batching which causes the order of rows to change when the data is on disk. That’s it – the query starts to return “unordered” result set sometimes, which in fact doesn’t have to be ordered. I also recommend to read Doc 378254.1 Order of the resultset changes when using a different version/patchset.

Extended statistics and function-based indexes

About a year ago I’ve discovered nice feature of Oracle 10gR2 CBO: to overcome an issue with calculated selectivity for predicates on multiple columns, it can use DISTINCT_KEYS of the available index. Couple of weeks ago the bug fix mentioned in the OTN thread actually helped to solve a performance issue of a query. And about a week ago I found that this fix doesn’t work with function-based indexes. So, this post is about it.

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Edition name as a property for JDBC thin client

A question on Edition-Based Redefinition appeared on the OTN forum:

The purpose is to try to upgrade an app in production. For most application users they will keep using the pre-upgrade app connecting to the old edition by default, while at the same time some UAT users will test out the post-upgraded app on the new edition. The question is how will the Java app connect to a user schema to use the new edition

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Here’s a question appeared on the oracle-l mailing list recently:

Does anyone know if opt_param hint works with optimizer_features_enable in

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