Oracle 11gR2 trace files

Today I’ve run into a deadlock on my test 11gR2 database. The deadlock wasn’t something peculiar, but generated trace file was.

Here what I’ve got in Cursor dump:

Cursor#6(0x350ed0) state=BOUND curiob=0x12d7980
 curflg=c5 fl2=0 par=(nil) ses=0x3ffc13e8
----- Dump Cursor sql_id=6ju4ghfvgj73a xsc=0x12d7980 cur=0x350ed0 -----

LibraryHandle:  Address=3b1771cc Hash=b6f89c6a LockMode=N PinMode=0 LoadLockMode=0 Status=VALD
  ObjectName:  Name=UPDATE T SET ID = ID+1 WHERE ID = :B1

    FullHashValue=37b79ec71944feb068e88f83b6f89c6a Namespace=SQL AREA(00) Type=CURSOR(00) Identifier=3069746282 OwnerIdn=60
  Statistics:  InvalidationCount=0 ExecutionCount=3 LoadCount=2 ActiveLocks=2 TotalLockCount=3 TotalPinCount=1
  Counters:  BrokenCount=1 RevocablePointer=1 KeepDependency=1 KeepHandle=1 BucketInUse=2 HandleInUse=2
  Concurrency:  DependencyMutex=3b177234(0, 3, 0, 0) Mutex=3b177280(1, 31, 0, 6)
  Timestamp:  Current=12-08-2009 23:18:30
  LibraryObject:  Address=38f71f7c HeapMask=0000-0001-0001 Flags=EXS[0000] Flags2=[0000] PublicFlags=[0000]
    ChildTable:  size='16'
      Child:  id='0' Table=38f72ef8 Reference=38f72584 Handle=3f9da650
      Child:  childNum='0'
        LibraryHandle:  Address=3f9da650 Hash=0 LockMode=N PinMode=S LoadLockMode=0 Status=VALD
          Name:  Namespace=SQL AREA(00) Type=CURSOR(00)
          Statistics:  InvalidationCount=0 ExecutionCount=3 LoadCount=1 ActiveLocks=2 TotalLockCount=3 TotalPinCount=4
          Counters:  BrokenCount=1 RevocablePointer=1 KeepDependency=0 KeepHandle=0 BucketInUse=0 HandleInUse=0
          Concurrency:  DependencyMutex=3f9da6b8(0, 0, 0, 0) Mutex=3b177280(1, 31, 0, 6)
          LibraryObject:  Address=38f70f7c HeapMask=0000-0001-0001 Flags=EXS[0000] Flags2=[0000] PublicFlags=[0000]
              Block:  #='0' name=CCUR^b6f89c6a pins=0 Change=NONE  
                Heap=3f9da5e4 Pointer=38f71000 Extent=38f70f64 Flags=I/-/P/A/-/-
                FreedLocation=0 Alloc=2.640625 Size=3.964844 LoadTime=4295513410
              Block:  #='6' name=SQLA^b6f89c6a pins=0 Change=NONE  
                Heap=38f7242c Pointer=3959afe4 Extent=3959a1fc Flags=I/-/P/A/-/E
                FreedLocation=0 Alloc=6.687500 Size=7.945312 LoadTime=0
            Child Cursor:  Heap0=0x38f71000 Heap6=0x3959afe4 Heap0 Load Time=12-08-2009 23:18:30 Heap6 Load Time=12-08-2009 23:18:30
    Parent Cursor:  sql_id=6ju4ghfvgj73a parent=0x38f72000 maxchild=1 plk=y ppn=n    kkscs=0x38f7236c nxt=(nil) flg=18 cld=0 hd=0x3f9da650 par=0x38f72000
   Mutex 0x38f7236c(0, 0) idn 0
   ct=0 hsh=0 unp=(nil) unn=0 hvl=38f72f44 nhv=0 ses=(nil)
   hep=0x38f723c0 flg=80 ld=1 ob=0x38f70f7c ptr=0x3959afe4 fex=0x3959a1fc
cursor instantiation=0x12d7980 used=1260303716 exec_id=16777218 exec=1
 child#0(0x3f9da650) pcs=0x38f7236c
  clk=0x3b251e04 ci=0x38f71000 pn=0x3fa2d4c0 ctx=0x3959afe4
 kgsccflg=1 llk[0x12d7984,0x12d7984] idx=1006b
 xscflg=c0110676 fl2=d120000 fl3=422a2188 fl4=100

Looks familiar, but is different from 10g, no doubt. I can’t compare it with 10g trace today, will do tomorrow.

PS. Obviously a .NET developer has done AllThatStuff 😀 Java man would do something similar too, but obviouslyNotLikeThat. I guess I should be thankful to not see CrEePyStYlE.

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