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Conferences 2017

Last year I’ve been to a few conferences. At some point I thought I need to record some of the sessions to let more people see them as well.
So I took a cheap action camera & recorded several presentations. Video quality is not good (mostly) due to lighting but still is enough to get an idea of how was it back there in a room.
Here’re links to the videos. Enjoy!

Hatem Mahmoud – Memory Access Tracing/Profiling

Jonathan Lewis – Just Don’t Do It

Panel Discussion at POUG2017

Marcin Przepiorowski – dNFS for DBAs

Neil Chandler – Why Has My Plan Changed

Timur Akhmadeev – Common Pitfalls in Complex Apps Performance Troubleshooting (same presentation in Russian at Russian OUG meetup in Moscow)

Neil Chandler – Histograms are Evil like Chocolate is Evil (part of the same presentation recorded in Poland as well)

Kamil Stawiarski – VOODOO: the black magic of cheep cross database replication

Roger MacNicol – Table Access Full

Mike Dietrich – Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading Oracle Database

Adam Bolinski – High Performance Oracle Environment on Not Only NFS