I saw the press release on the stunning 27 node RAC, but somehow I missed how Oracle uses this achievement in advertising. The press release talks about throughput whereas the picture:

hides the main message behind images of children’s bicycle (Superdome) and what looks like an F1 car from 70s (for an IBM P7), whereas Oracle’s result is associated with a fighter. I think this is wrong to make such an analogy and makes one to believe that one system has an incredibly fast response times – which is obviously not true. They all have similar numbers (except for some strange figures for IBM) – I mean, they are not far away from each other (OK, Oracle’s result looks better to me because it is more consistent – or maybe I misinterpreted FDRs), and the result just shows the transactions throughput. I really can’t imagine who needs this 27 heads monster or why Oracle did that benchmark after all when there are smaller yet powerful alternatives.

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