Database Machine 3D tours

Somehow I missed a post in the Oracle Database Insider blog with the links to 3D tours of the latest Database Machines – X2-2 and X2-8. I must say they’ve impressed me. Not by the amount of technical details these simple tours have, but rather the way they present data. It’s easy. It’s understandable. It’s absolutely not Oracle style. If you are following Oracle’s press releases you know what I mean. They suck. I spend time reading press releases to get WTF marketing people want to say. Go here for example and tell me what is the configuration of new servers in s/c/t. And after you get that info try to understand WTF the word “clustered” is doing there. Now imagine all that crap is thrown away and the data is presented visually in a simple way… I hope some day Oracle will do that regularly.

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